SQLF SELECT pr.name AS name, pr.text_1 AS text, tr.id AS id, tr.code AS code, cl.id AS class_code, cl.name AS class_name, pi.tree_id AS pickup, one.tree_id AS oneoff, ma.name AS maker_name, ma.code AS maker_code, bo.name AS body_name, bo.code AS body_code, ca.name AS category_name, ca.code AS category_code, me.image_1 AS image_1, me.image_2 AS image_2, me.image_3 AS image_3, me.image_4 AS image_4, me.image_5 AS image_5 FROM hm_tree tr LEFT JOIN hm_promotion pr ON ( tr.id = pr.tree_id ) LEFT JOIN hm_param pa ON ( tr.id = pa.tree_id ) LEFT JOIN hm_pickup pi ON ( tr.id = pi.tree_id ) LEFT JOIN hm_sort so ON ( tr.id = so.tree_id ) LEFT JOIN hm_media me ON ( tr.id = me.tree_id ) LEFT JOIN hm_oneoff one ON ( tr.id = one.tree_id ) LEFT JOIN hm_category ca ON ( tr.category_id = ca.id ) LEFT JOIN hm_body bo ON ( tr.body_id = bo.id ) LEFT JOIN hm_maker ma ON ( bo.maker_id = ma.id ) LEFT JOIN hm_class cl ON ( ma.class_id = cl.id ) WHERE cl.id = 'bike' AND ma.code = 'yamaha' AND bo.code = 'yfz-r1' ORDER BY so.param DESC, pr.name;
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